What’s in a name? Or, free advertising.


In flipping through the first week, you’d learn that item NO. 1 on the list of things to do was, “start planning things,” (check and check!) followed by my personal goal to complete one NY Times crossword (beginning with Monday and working up to Sunday, I made it to Wednesday and dabbled, but never completed a couple of Thursdays). You could tell that I had plans to buy a new road bike, or at least get fitted for one; to rebuild the engine in my car and had ordered the pistons, had begun my thesis, began a list of every movie I wanted to re-watch that year, and noted a band that someone recommended- then noted that I was “NOT A FAN”. By the next week, the year was in full swing, classes were getting pretty serious, I was developing more film (surprise), buying another week’s crossword, and writing myself a special note that “Everything will be ok.” The next line down is a list of information regarding the VIN of my car, the Multnomah County Non Emergency Police Line, the address where I was staying for the evening, the mobile and home numbers I would need in case my phone died, the approximate address from where the car was stolen, and a big fat red arrow pointing to the aforementioned note to self, along with the question, “Are you serious?!?”

At least twice a year for every year that I can recall, I’ve made a serious attempt at selecting the “perfect” planner- a keeper of my every obligation and appointment, if not more. Sometimes, I’d surprise myself and stick by one for a few months at a time. But my track record with personal organization is about as good as it is with keeping a good blog- life moves too fast for me to hold on to either for any concerted amount of time and they ultimately end up getting “tossed” into the void.

Little red moleskine was love at first sight.

A pricey number with everything I wanted and more, this little book has been my companion for an entire year’s worth of adventures. So tight is our bond, that I could not bare to part and felt compelled to rehash my discoveries, in addition to purchasing a second of the very same for this year’s happenings. And thus was born Little Red Moleskine: The Blog.

Now, at this point you might be wondering to yourself- why would this be interesting to anyone else? Touché. Well, there are several pretty awesome posts and features coming to this little blog, and for the most part it won’t be about the rehashings of a year already departed. Like essentially anyone else that’s yelling into the blogging abyss, I’ve got a lot to say and pretty much no one that wants to hear it. So, comment if you desire, tell me it’s boring and lacking content if that’s truly the case, link to me and I’ll link you back, but please please pretty please do not make fun of my inability to code- I cannot fix the heinous dotting going on below the links as you hover over, nor can I do anything about this illegible typeface. Like I said- a lot to say, no one that wants to hear it, and the coding and beautification will come later.

So, without further ado, things you can look forward to:

:: The Best Recipes from 2008 (Little Red Moleskine was the jotting place and thus splashing place for a lot of what I ate in ’08)

:: Monthly playlists of stuff you’ve probably already heard

:: I mentioned recently the acquisition of five cameras for fifteen bucks…are you curious?

:: Photos, Graphic Design musings, other Art(icles), inspirational stuff, book reviews, and other odds and ends

Finally, I promise to never be this wordy and longwinded again- I can see my readership has dropped from three to two in the first paragraph. Also, if you plan on harassing me at the address posted above, know that you’ll be harassing the guy that moved into my apartment after me and I imagine he won’t take it as humorously as I would have. I will, however, make you a pie if I lose my moleskine and you are the one that reunites us. Until next time.


2 responses to “What’s in a name? Or, free advertising.

  1. Yeah, the type is hard to read. Bug me and I’ll help. I salute you for picking WordPress.

  2. If you know of a way to fix it without paying for the required hosting that allows for html editing in wordpress, let me know. Otherwise, I shall remain painfully partially legible.

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