Words of wisdom: “Pick a place and go deep”, George Tice and Joni Sternbach

As artists, it’s really easy to get bored. To feel uninspired. To look at the daily grind and the idea that a passion has turned to a source of income and see nothing but trite and meaningless content. It’s even easier to assume that, if you could just get away- even for a little while, go some where different, change your perspective, see something new, you might be able to rekindle your inspiration and find that much needed drive of creativity. All too often, it’s not a possibility. Something that has become a penchant for a lot of the recent work is an extreme change in ideals: a shift from a fascination (in the past) with the foreign, unseen world- showing people something they’d never seen form outside their boundaries, to this new more locally focused ambition. Simply put, this is about falling in love all over again with everything that surrounds you, or reminding yourself of why you loved it in the first place.

In his interview with George Tice, John Paul Caponigro quotes Andrew Wyeth’s sage advice to all artists, saying, “Pick a place and go deep.” There is a profound love for the ordinary in everything that Tice touches.

“I became interested because of my father’s photograph albums. He could show with 12 albums his whole life, from the time he was born until his death. I thought that was an incredible thing. Think of sustaining something for forty and some odd years. This is my 43rd year. And it still is exciting to go out and take what you think might be a great photograph. It still brings me the same pleasures that it always did.”

One of the grandest accomplishments of any art form is its ability to document life, in any form.

And now for the eye candy:

George Tice




Joni Sternbach:





You can find a lot of Tice’s work here and Sternbach’s site is here.


One response to “Words of wisdom: “Pick a place and go deep”, George Tice and Joni Sternbach

  1. i have a little black moleskine. i really love tice’s fotos.

    i love u doozer and i wish i lived near u.

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