December/January Tunes Wrap-Up

The point of this category is nothing more than to divulge music. The files are up and available for anyone smart enough to grab ’em (mac users, control click> save target at; pc users…I have no idea). If you know of a better or more efficient way to do this, by all means pass that info along.

Basically, every month or so, I dump all of the new songs I’m in to- or songs I haven’t heard in a while and rediscover, or old songs I discover for the first time into a “monthly” playlist and listen to it for the duration of the month. More often than not, they capture the mood of that month and I can go back to them and reminisce or just plain enjoy a good mix of songs without having to select them one by one. I’m not going to go through and link each song specificly, so have fun browsing. Also, there is no rhyme or reason to the order. It just is what it is. All that said: if you’ve never head the Bar-Kays- they were one of the big acts when Stax-Volt started to go really big back in the late 50’s/early 60’s. Also, if you like serious soul, enjoy Allen Toussaint, Billy Watkins (early founding soul), Maxine Brown, Otis Redding (this should go without saying), Shirley Ellis, the Tempts (again, without saying). The track by “Detektivbyran” can only be described as “in the hall of oddities and mysteries”. And Matt and Kim’s “Daylight” makes me pedal my bike faster. Every time, without fail. Enjoy this list, as I have been constructing and loving it for a good two months now.

Tracklist is as follows, and you can find the files here

Albert Hammond Jr.: In my room

Allen Toussaint: There’s a break in the road

Ballboy: a relatively famous victory

The Bar-Kays: Soul Finger

Ben Folds: Dr. Yang

Biffy Cifro: Mountains

Billy Watkins: Just for you (stone fox)

Coconut Records: It’s not you it’s me

The Decemberists: Valerie Plame

Detektivbyran: Om Du Mφter Varg

ef: Två

Emmy the Great: Hold on to what you own

Eugene McGuinness: Fonz

The Felt Tips: The one who got away

Glasvegas: S.A.D Light

Hello Saferide: 2008

Herman Dune: My home is nowhere without you

Kate Nash: Merry Happy

Kelly Joe Phelps: tunesmith retrofit

Matt and Kim: Daylight

Maxine Brown: Whatever happened to our love

Morrissey: I’m throwing my arms around paris

Otis Redding I’m depending on you

Ray LaMontagne: You are the best thing

Ray LaMontagne: Sarah

Rodrigo Y Gabriela: Orion

The Ruby Suns: Palmitos Park

Shirley Ellis: The real nitty gritty

Stars: Your Ex Lover is dead

Stars: Set yourself on fire

The Temptations: little green apples

The Temptations: Running away (ain’t gonna help you)

The tunics: The darker part

The Very Best (Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit): 13 Dinosaur on the Ark

Wolf Parade: Kissing the beehive


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