A New Side Project

Because I’ve got so much time on my hands and such a surplus of money just flowing in, I’ve decided to take on a side project. You’ve probably seen this same idea floating around the internet in great abundance; mine is essentially no different. The rules are simple: take one photo, every single day for an entire year. Some of them will be film, all will at least have digital place-holders that will later be replaced by their film counterparts (barring any unforseen film catastrophies- dropped cameras whose backs fall off, polaroids that eat film, yashicas that tear film feeders, and just plain running out of money. All of these have happened over the previous year.)

So, what does this little endeavor aim to accomplish? A lot, actually. I’m looking to connect with those same ideals that Tice and Sternbach embody- that profound love for the common and all-too-often seen. I want to document my life in all of its forms- highs, lows, and boring lulls inbetween. I also want to become more aware of both the macro and micro beauty around me- both the already acclaimed beauty and the beauty that is so because it’s normal and mundane. I want to challenge myself to go further in general, to play more, and most blatantly to take more photographs. Sounds pretty simple, right?

The link to the set on flickr can be found here. This is the first image, for this awesome day February 6th, 2009. (One year after we decided to take this show on the road; what a year it’s been).



3 responses to “A New Side Project

  1. I love this idea, and look forward to seeing the photos!
    thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

  2. Chris Arth

    I’d love to see you map these photos somehow, either on Flickr or on a custom Google Map. Also, I am sad you are leaving Tumblr but I am thrilled that you are still blogging.

  3. Done and mapped! I had noidea you could do this; it’s a pretty awesome idea, though you’ll find that I don’t really spread out too much. Maybe another challenge?


    As for tumblr- I do miss it, but this has turned out to be a better forum.

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