A Beautiful Day For A Neighbor

I learned something new today, as I sometimes do.

Did you know that Mr Rogers once had his car stolen? However, when the thieves learned who the car belonged to- because they considered him to be the world’s nicest person, they returned it to its owner.

I’m currently listening to a podcast with even more fun Fred McFeely Rogers facts, but I think this video in which Mr. Rogers defends PBS to Congress and saves it is most compelling. The video is short-ish and inspiring. Enjoy.

I stumbled on this lovely group of inspiring factos at the wonderful Gus & Other Things.


4 responses to “A Beautiful Day For A Neighbor

  1. isn’t the podcast great? I loved it.

  2. and I love your blog!

  3. iheartfilm

    I heard him speak some years ago, and let’s just say he’s easily one of the more influential figures of the post-World War II era. A genuine human being if there ever was one.

    By the way, nice blog.


  4. I listened to the podcast over a hurried dinner and re-watched that youtube video a couple of times. I’ll admit to being misty-eyed each time; when he initially introduces the idea that everyone is unique and the only one of “you” that there ever will be- that you are significant and wonderful for just that reason- that alone stands out for me. Also, abigail your blog is positively awesome and I think your terriers are “the bees knees” and your sense of design is pretty spot on.

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