This Week En Sum

As the week comes to an end, here’s a little summary of the coolest/most inspiring/thought provoking/most fun/share worthy stuff I’ve spotted this week:

This video is not only humorous, but makes you feel a little silly about all of the stuff you take for granted.

After starting my 365 project, I remembered the exact source of inspiration: Jamie Livingston, the original photo-every-day photographer. Admirably so, in polaroid, for almost twenty years. Wikipedia describes him as, “a New York based photographer, film maker, and circus performer.” Sounds like an awesome life. Sadly, the original website (here) is currently unavailable, but I’ve got it bookmarked and will keep checking back. It had every single photo scanned and archived for viewing. The mentalfloss article is the probably the best description (images included) I’ve found.

Also along the photographic line, a somewhat limited list of real photobooth locations can be found at

Finally, in the real world, I spotted a poster touting an upcoming show I went to last spring and absolutely loved: Hillstomp and McDougall. I admit I’m not the biggest country/bluegrass/hillbilly music fan, but there is something that just draws you in and forces you to enjoy yourself when someone is playing a washboard and singing lyrics into a crudely constructed microphone-type device while the bearded percussionist behind him pounds on buckets and slaps spoons together. The entire evening was filled with wild and lively dancing and carrying on. The opening act was McDougall, a one man harmonica and guitar act with songs about rail-travel and the like. I have never enjoyed a show so much that I bought both cd’s; I left knowing my money was well spent- the McDougall cd was a stencil of a campfire scene at night on a repurposed cereal box with a typed up page insert explaining the stories behind the songs.

The show is on February 28th at Corvallis’ Bomb’s Away and I’ve posted a few McDougall and Hillstomp songs:

McDougall: 48 reasons

The Cotton Picker’s Song

When The Train Comes Calling

Hillstomp: Lucy’s Lament

Landlord Blues


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