No Really, Don’t Worry, Spring Is On Its Way

goal posts at Crystal lake park

Sunday was absolutely beautiful. We spent the day lounging in, then decided to get active, out, and enjoy the day. We rode into town and then spent the rest of the daylight and dusk hours riding around with Matt’s  brother and nephew in tow, parking at a soggy field in south town’s Crystal Lake Park. While the boys ran around and tossed a frisbee, I laid like a lizard soaking up what was left of the sunlight on a bleacher bench. It got cold fast, so we rode back into downtown for coffee and a heart-shaped pink shortbread from New Morning Bakery. I spent the rest of the evening finishing up work for the week and we worked out ways to mount a tripod that would work for my many cameras on the handlebars of my bike- the only hazards being of course (heaven forbid) a crash with a camera mounted, and the difficulty of grabbing a polaroid after it ejected and stowing it while riding. Anything would be easier than the messanger repositioning and unbuckling, rummaging for camera, case-unsnapping, lens-uncapping, stowing of case and lens, camera dawning, focusing, and then shooting that I had to carry out for Sunday’s film photo of the day..


2 responses to “No Really, Don’t Worry, Spring Is On Its Way

  1. I have a perfect idea for your bike-riding picture-taking adventures. Mount your camera on your handle bars and then stick a small basket infront of your handle bars to catch the polaroids!

  2. That’s actually not a bad idea! Consequently enough, I learned recently that the only time a polaroid photo will actually fall from the camera is when the next photo is taken- in a video informing about the nex SX-70 technology back when it was invented, someone actually holds down the shutter and takes a succession of about ten shots (!!! that’s around forty bucks nowadays!) and the photos just force the next one out of the grip spot. So, in theory, they won’t fall into the basket until the next one is taken. It’s completely logical, but not something we think about because our first instinct is to take the photo out and let it develop; we just don’t have the opportunity to take photo after photo. I’m building a city bike and plan on puting a basket on it for mostly this purpose :)

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