Ode To Goodwill, Sort Of

This (rather lengthy, I’m putting that out there in advance) post isn’t in the correct form of a proper ‘ode’, but it definitely praises Goodwill and the wonderful wares they sell. On a whim, we decided to drop by goodwill an hour before they closed. We are always “those people”…

I am physically incapable of spending only 40 minutes inside a goodwill. My list of browsing sections and items to search for gets longer and longer each time I go. It’s even worse when I bring someone else (and it is rarer than rare when I shop with company, let that be known, as well). We left the Goodwill with arm-fulls of goodies, not limited but including the following:

An Albinor locking, snapping and pivoting tripod, much easier to use than my clunky steel mid-60’s model; the same as Matt’s (via his Dad) that I used over the fall term and loved for its ease. It’s missing the screw for the camera mount, but that should be easy to find. If I don’t use it for just normal use, it’ll get mounted in part on my bike (the top half detaches).

A hanging metal wire fruit basket.

A small chalkboard with rulers as a frame for the refrigerator (not pictured below).

A white teacup with beaded/dot border, for a project inspired here. (A plant/flower in a teacup!)

A cool “hammered” minimalist style glass canister with cork top. I love it because the cork top doesn’t overlap the lip of the jar at all.

And finally, yet another camera: a Sonaki 35mm rangefinder with external flash. I don’t know much about it yet, but it works. So like every other camera I buy, I’ll load it with film, shoot a roll, and see what develops (gosh, that is always a bad one…). This purchases makes #24. Next post, I’ll cover the last five I bought and if I really feel so inclined, I’ll cover my entire arsenal sometime.

All of my purchases displayed (very proudly) on our kitchen table:

The canister and mug:

And for good measure, today’s photo-of-the-day:


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