Stumbled Upon Spotlight: Royal Quiet Deluxe

Every once in a while, one blog/site leads to another leads to another and so on, until you find yourself in a place that you can’t recall exactly how you got there, or what you went searching for in the first place. More often than not, I’m just looking for something new- someone who sees things a little differently, has a different eye for aesthetics, or really knows how to express an idea clearly.

Royal Quiet Deluxe was a very lucky find and I have been “thumbing” through back pages ever since I stumbled upon this hidden nook of the internet a couple weeks back. From what I gather, she enjoys very good books, a nice mix of modern/clean design with a hint of rustic and sturdy charm, and in general just likes to think and look. I love her taste in clothing and the excerpts she pulls from books are usually either from great books that I have read, or books that I am now inspired to read.

She also pairs her quotes with images that capture quite brilliantly their mood and tone. I read the following and instantly likened it to almost every book I’ve ever read that gave me that, “wish it wasn’t over” feeling, that nagging in your stomach that makes you want to go bug the author at his/her home (or grave?) to write just one more chapter so you’ll know how it really ended. Particularly, these are the books that linger and give you vivid dreams for months after you’ve finished.

And you read one page of it or even one phrase of it, and then you gobble up all the rest and go about in a dream for weeks afterwards, for months afterwards — perhaps all your life, who knows? — surrounded by those six hundred and fifty pages, the houses, the streets, the snow, the river, the roses, the girls, the sun, the ladies’ dresses and the gentlemen’s voices, the old, wicked, hard-hearted women and the old, sad women, the waltz music — everything. What is not there you put in afterwards, for it is alive, this book, and it grows in your head.

Jean Rhys, Tigers are Better Looking:
With a Selection from the Left Bank

You can find this lovely quote, along with all kinds of other wonderful content at Royal Quiet DeLuxe.


2 responses to “Stumbled Upon Spotlight: Royal Quiet Deluxe

  1. Wow, this is sort of like coming upon a family of thylacines. I mean, almost as good.

    (And that Jean Rhys quote is so spot on…)

  2. Deep down, I know that there is a pack of wild Thylacines hidden away somewhere, thriving in the wild. Discovering that would really be something; making sure it stayed hidden would be another thing entirely.

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