Lists: To Do’s, Want To Do’s, Plans In Action

En route to Portland, I decided that my thesis spanning two terms/ eight months last year really didn’t yield the type of learning I’d been seeking. So I decided to push a little further. After several conversations with friends also post-thesis who feel the same lack of learning after college, or the same desire to continue to grow, or perhaps it was merely hearing that someone I knew had written a book, I decided to take on yet another project much bigger than myself. I’ll have the details as they are available, or more importantly as I am confident they can be shared. Wouldn’t want to reveal too much, as this is perhaps the culmination of about eight different side projects I’ve been cultivating over the years.

I also appended several items to my personal little “To Do” list that sits nuzzled in its own file in the back of the Little Red Moleskine planner; a very awesome design aspect is that there are several sections of ruled paper with tabs cut for labeling- a perfect device for a list lover like myself. Added most recently:

1.Buy and learn to play the ukulele (as inspired by my love for ukulele music, Bret from FOTC, the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, and one very vivid dream in which someone was trying to steal my blue ukulele from me- I don’t own one- and I was playing my heart out. I was very skilled, in the dream.)

2. Go snowshoeing at Trillium Lake. I have never been snowshoeing, it just looks like an absolutely wonderful fun winter activity.

3. Drink Lambrusco at Kir Winebar, as spotted on Either The Drapes Go Or I Do. I miss many Portland things, and even more than Portland, I miss many Spain and Italy things- especially the Italian restaurant we’d visit that was adjacent to the Roman Acueduct in Segovia. Many a summer night was split over a bottle of Lambrusco there.

4. Shoot a roll of Portra 400VC, as randomly spotted when searching for other Yashica lovers on flickr. Check and check! Purchased a roll today and loaded it into the Electro 35.

5. Make this cat bed or something like it to replace the cardboard box and blanket that Katie currently inhabits. Though, it is quite convenient to be able to toss a sock at the side and have that quell her snoring. I don’t know how successful/safe that would be on a shelf…

6. Rent and remember how to play the Saxophone. I used to absolutely love the time I spent with my sax and have since parted ways with it and my piccolo and flute. I miss having music as a form of expression.

7. Learn how to quilt and then, of course, make one for our bed. One with a wonderful array of different patterns, just squares cut diagonally and matched up together. Simple, yet full of culture and experience. This is probably one of the more grand undertakings, as I don’t really remember how to sew very well.

I’ve obviously got my work cut out for me, as I just registered for spring courses to fill in the final gaps before graduation and let me tell you- it’s not pretty. Three courses that require lab time and only one art studio. I keep hearing that the payoff will be worth it and that all of my hard work will show, but as usual I worry.


One response to “Lists: To Do’s, Want To Do’s, Plans In Action

  1. snow shoeing is wonderful! you’ll love it.
    we went over the new year.

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