Lost In Translation?

This book seems absolutely beautiful; something I instantly want to touch, a place I’d love to linger. But the description leaves me a little confused…

The conceptual framework, is quite interesting:
“the author, born in 1983, wrotes this book already in 1979.
steve michaelis narrates the story of “frug nelson” from the computernetworks point of view, therefor he creates a new systemlanguage.
the computernetwork in “frug” did not work with the binarycode, it uses a new optical colorcode. every pixel has one of 16.777.216 possible colors, they are combined in blocks of 16 pixels. so the network has the number of 3,94020062 × 10115 different informations.

I’m obviously missing…something.

More here.


One response to “Lost In Translation?

  1. :D

    thank you :)
    we could mail if you want to know the true story. but i realy love your words about it. thank, thank, thank you!

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