Things: F(fff)ound

The show was stupendous, but more on that later. For now, it’s back to business as usual.

I hadn’t browsed FFFFound in quite some time, and I actually try and stay away from that site. True, it can be inspiring and there are some pretty interesting things to be found stumbling about; but in the long run I’ve discovered it to be one giant Pandora’s box of Internet imagery and ubiquitous design. Essentially, everything I’m posting here has more likely than not been seen by any/all of you somewhere else, or you’ve probably also linked to it in some way or another on your blog/twitter/other social networking outlet. It is in this way that I find FFFFound to be a grave disappointment. Nevertheless, for those of you who actually do live under a rock (and of that I am jealous), here are some lovely/inspiring/thought provoking things I’ve FFFFound this week (click the images themselves for the corresponding pages):

I guess you could say these findings centered around the idea of alternative typography and reflect my overall fascination with making type rather than using it, to simplify it. Either way, they definitely had me thinking of even more side projects. Just what I need…


One response to “Things: F(fff)ound

  1. I love to find cool graphic design in your post. Thanks.

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