This Song: Samamidon’s Saro

Is the best capture of love perhaps lost and definitely longed after that I have heard in a long time. The video is a little- amiss, but if you just listen to the song, I swear you can feel your heart ache, in a wonderful way.

Historically, Sam Amidon (or Samamidon) comes from a musical family and has recorded five previous albums with other relatively successful bands, including Assembly, Doveman, and Stars Like Fleas. His most recent endeavor is a solo act based on traditional folk songs. The entire album itself becomes a bit monotonous but is still worth investigating. “Saro” stands above all the rest and I’ve had it on several lists throughout the past year.

The history involved in this song- where it came from, who wrote it, who it helped get by as times got really tough and food short- seems to be its emotional weight and centerpiece. The vocal tone and performance express so effectively that yearning to find a place for yourself through hardship.


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