Poor Little MBPro is Running Slow, Just As I Am

Spring term is off to a roaring-ish start. The beach was pretty great; well all parts not actually on the beach. We consumed some wonderful oceanside food, holed up in an oceanview in (complete with nephew sleeping in the crib-converted-bathtub), and Honey and I left the largerish group and went on a hunt for salt water taffy at our favorite candy joint, as well as thrifting at a couple of decent spots, including Newport’s Salvation army and the very well adverstised (via giant painted wall proclaiming name) Newport Antique Mall. Among the netted treasures: a 1974 Polaroid SX-70 (checking off yet another wishlist item!), complete with case and manual, flash bar (all flashes were used, sadly) and a booklet on how to take better photos). There was a cartridge still in the camera, but the battery must have been too old to work. Once we got home, I replaced it with a newer 600 cartridge (after cutting off the nubs on the end tht prevent them from loading correctly) and VIOLA! Gorgeous tone and color in that way that only the SX-70 can.

For now. I am already overwhelmed. Pain from recovery still has me wallowing on my couch and doing my course work from a distance. I’m glad to have gotten away on my last spring break ever, albeit pretty much unable to have any serious adventures.



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