On My Way…

To Eugene to finally see Tice’s Paterson, etc. The show ends tomorrow and is at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. But first! My Papa is picking me up to go look at vintage (70’s era) soda machines from Craigslist ads I emailed him this week. Mostly he’s just browsing, but I’ve got a feeling this weekend he’ll finally buy. Honey is off at the Portland Swap Meet, swapping and meeting his way into God knows what (just like every year), but he left with a list of a few of my wishes (mostly records and cameras) that maybe, just maybe, if I’m super lucky he’ll end up home with a surprise for me.

Update: he called to notify me of a man with tubs (tubs!) of cameras for $2; selected a Kodak Signet and a Kodak 35. No Polaroid 680SLR or Pentacon Six to speak of, but a gal can hope, right?

(How psyched would I be were I to hear that Kodak were still currently manufacturing and processing these films? Over the moon.)

Back with updates later!


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