Lightness of Being

I have always been extremely fascinated with underwater photography (see here and here). So much so, that I usually keep a spare disposable waterproof camera around for the very rare occurrence that I might actually be able to use it. My most recent roll was so utterly disappointing that I’m seriously contemplating spending real money (as if the $15.99 that Rite Aid charges isn’t real enough, per disposable) on a semi-quality underwater camera body and case. Again, it’s so rare that I actually have a use for one…

The work of Alinka Echeverría investigates just what it takes to alter our perception of space, gravity, and earthly existence. Her underwater films and images of synchronized swimmers are graceful, intriguing, and reveal a space in this world not often seen, let alone contemplated. There is something so haunting about this work.

You can find the entire film here.


2 responses to “Lightness of Being

  1. Nice, very clever idea turning it upside down. Color is perfect.

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