“Good times.”


It’s time to celebrate. Can you tell? I’m enthused.

(Myself, on the knees of an uncle, Minneapolis MN, Christmas 1984.)

After years of struggles I’ll never be able to put words to, I’ve achieved that pesky little goal of graduating. I can’t say it feels huge/climactic/surreal, because it doesn’t. To those that have supported me (directly and indirectly), you have my deepest grattitude. You’ll never know what you’re constant badgering has meant to me.


2 responses to ““Good times.”

  1. I am so proud of you! Way to go Andrea!

  2. i believe that’s your uncle jeff. i am most likely the person who put the bow on your head. but jeff would hold you like that with your head at the top of his knees then he’d say, “do you like your aunt leslie?” then he’d move his knees back and forth like you were shaking your head “no.”


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