REI is having a fabulous sale right now! After traveling to a friend’s wedding a bit North, we journeyed even further to the notorious Bridgeport village to return a jacket that Matt had ordered and found to be the complete opposite of what he’d wanted. I picked up this “wind proof” fleece jacket for thirty bucks less than the regular price- an awesome replacement to the kid’s version I’d been wearing for three years and worn to a rather dogged state. (They’ve since raised the price $20 and redesigned it so awkwardly.)

I cannot stress enough how important it’s been having a warm fleece that blocks the wind- for casually wearing around town and riding. I’d never make it through the winter without one.

Bittersweet, however, because as wonderful as REI is, their warranty policy is even better. We also saw the end of the only other serious long term relationship we’ve been involved in- together. Instead of just repairing the zipper on Matt’s favorite jacket- they do that too, can you believe it? No matter how long you’ve owned it, their stuff is lifetime guaranteed- they took the item back for the full price credit he’d purchased it for at least five years ago. Bittersweet, however, because that was the “Matt jacket”. I couldn’t believe how sad the whole thing made me. It’s funny how we get so used to seeing our loved ones in exactly one way.


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