A Small Change

Or a shift in content, if you will. Maybe you already know that I operate two “blogs”; one that is more of a traditional blog where I recount discoveries/events/reflections and the other, a “tumblr” where I simply collect and post things I find along my internet travels- a way to keep my mind from getting so cluttered with all the visually endearing things I come across.  I’ve been struggling to define the difference between the two. The line needs to be drawn somewhere, but exactly what belongs where has always seemed a bit grey and inconcrete.

This blog, from now on, will remain pretty much the same- with the addition of shorter posts of personally generated content (photos that I’d take digitally and merely post without a caption on the other page will now find a home here). The tumblr will now function purely as a sort of inspiration wall- an electronic collage of things generated outside of myself. Feel free to pay a visit; I think it’s a lot easer to make your way through when you’re feeling inattentive and short on focus.

I know there aren’t many of you out there, but hopefully you’re enjoying the time you spend in this little nook of the internet.


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