A Carefully Crafted Résumé

While I’m already quite tardy in posting on my South American adventures (did I even mention I was spending three weeks in Ecuador? I didn’t? Well gosh! Anyway…), I wanted to pop in and write up a quick blip about this original little ditty I stumbled upon whilst seeking out inspiration for ways to set myself apart from the rest. Turns out, design jobs in small towns are a bit hard to come by. And while my work usually speaks for itself, I’m having to market myself (something I’ve never really had much experience in doing) and create a personal identity (also, new angle for me).

I think this is a really original way to express a passion in both design and textile work and how the two may cross over on each other. You can find out more about this gal and her neat stuff at www.melissaloveslife.com.

Hopefully I’ll have an initial Ecuador/etc. post up sometime this week. Until then, have a great weekend and a Happy New Year!


3 responses to “A Carefully Crafted Résumé

  1. Brilliant!
    Can’t wait to see the Ecuador pics.

  2. I’m so flattered that you enjoyed my work. I’m sure you’ll find a way to convey something about yourself that is unique and telling about you.Good luck with your job hunting!


  3. Melissa- I’m glad you stumbled on this! I always feel weird bragging about other artists’ work, but I can’t help but notice an inspiring piece of design and commenting on it when it catches my eye. Congrats on a great and innovative idea!

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