A Lot Of Books

I don’t generally buy into all the Anthropologie hoopla and I usually feel their stuff is a false buy-out of the cultural artifacts it’s all trying to imitate, but after watching a documentary preview on Showtime (well, online…) about the buying process and consideration that goes into the brand, I’m slowly forming a bit of an appreciation for the brand. However, knowing that their in some way linked to Urban Outfitters still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Moving on…

I noticed this wallpaper posted over at ‘A Cup of Jo‘ and was only slightly disappointed to find out that it was an Anthropologie product. Obviously it’s out of my price range, of course I have no place to put it as I am currently and will be for a while to come renting, but I’m still quite inspired and must admit to the little warm spot in my heart that gets poked every time I see stacks and stacks of lovingly decayed books.

Growing up, I used to love getting lost in a good ‘old lady’ wallpaper. The intricate patterns on the walls of houses we’d visit, daycares I’d spend an afternoon at, neighbors houses with hidden treasures in dens and guest bedrooms. My imagination would run wild.

I guess the wallpaper isn’t really necessary. We’re working on quite the collection as it is, and sooner or later they’ll outgrow all their shelving and just line the walls. It’s a daily struggle to keep track of the four or so I’m reading at this moment. They seem to migrate about the apartment, floating in and out of piles. On coffee tables, nightstands, desks- any flat surface that would normally collect dust, in this household collects books.

There’s just something so beautiful about a simple spine.

[Image credits: Patrick Cline, and my house.]


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