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This entry is being resurrected, after it disappeared during what may quite possibly be described as the worst crash in the entire history of any Mac Product I’ve ever owned. I take that back. When my hard drive failed the day before a deadline and I had to have it completely replaced, that was the true catastrophe. Saturday was just short of that, as what I have only been able to describe as a grey and pink and green striped screen of death popped up, my music skipped incessantly and I let out a blue streak so vivid my dear sweet grandmother would- well, she’d probably offer me a Bloody Mary. So without further ado, the rather pointless entry I was writing when everything went…rainbow:

It’s been a busy week. The short of it: I got a job! The long of it? I traveled back and forth to Albany three times (twice in the same day, Thursday), which is more mileage than my car has seen in the last six months. I really pushed myself toward the end of last week and threw out applications to virtually anything I could see myself doing. Luckily, I received an answer and went through the entire process with a place I can really see myself doing alright with. It isn’t a Graphic Design firm, by any means. But it is a place where I can put to use my computer knowledge, my ability to solve problems creatively, and as an added bonus my fluency with Spanish. I lucked out. Come Monday, I’ll be a working stiff, just like the rest of you. I kid.

Now, because of all this I haven’t really kept up my end of a secret bargain I made with all of you. I really wanted to push myself and at least write a little something every day of this week. What a disappointment I’ve been! So here’s a little bit of what’s got my mind turning and whirling at the moment.

>>The death of Papa Soul: For some people, this is old news (it happened in October, but we just found out). But Matt and I were just talking about him and the almost mesmerizing performance he gave last year at Bomb’s. He also ran his own soul food kitchen down in Eugene. We kept saying we’d go, see a show, and have some scrumptous food. And never did. The restaurant is still open, but we’re sad to know we’ll never see him play again. Rest in peace, Papa Soul.

>>The Sneeze: This blog, I stumbled on and I don’t remember how but it keeps me laughing. Entries of note include this, this, and this, this- an account of true love. Note: not for those afraid of little-kid-grossness, or other slimy things, or awkward situations.

>>Real Simple’s 9 Practices of Motivated People: There are some good ideas in here, including always maintaining a belief that you can. Positive energy is a force to be reckoned with and negative energy can really bring everything to a screeching halt. Check em all out.

>>The Art of the Title Sequence: I think we tend to overlook the creative and well thought out typography of movie title sequences. This site doesn’t necessarily focus on the typography, so much as the entire sequence and what goes into creating interest within the viewer without giving too much away. But there are some sweet little typographic bits, as well as some atrocities. It’s all quite intriguing.

>>50 Steps to Simple Happiness: I’m not one to prescribe to health mantras or jump from life-trend to fit-fad. But I do thin it’s important to take time out and focus on what makes you a better, happier person. In doing so, I’ve found you have to pull bits and pieces from a bunch of places and theories. This list helped me recall some of the things I’ve discovered in the past, but gotten too busy and let fall by the wayside. And any list that advises me to eat dark chocolate every day is getting bookmarked, logged, recorded, and grocery-shopped for. Check and check.

And there you have it. Thoroughly unimpressed, aren’t you? I have no idea where I was going with that entry.


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