Hey! Hey you! Keep your eyes down here. Don’t look up there!

I’ve decided to switch up the theme to something a little more open (the type on that last look was terribly illegible and it was a bit clunky to navigate. SO. While I’m still taking care of the nuts and bolts involved (and trying to figure out where I saved my old header…), keep your eyes down here, on the important stuff: the content :)

While you’re at it, how about some patronage at my other web locales:

Muppet Bike Gang If I see it on the internet (or in real life, I suppose) and it makes me stop, and think, and get curious, and feel a little bit funny for noticing it- it’s probably going on Muppet Bike Gang. This is the weird stuff, the awkward stuff, the best the internet has to offer. It’s cheap thrills and entertainment, make no mistake.

My personal tumblr: The original blog. It’s now more of an electronic inspiration board, serving as a place I collect items that lead to larger thoughts. This one is more about the artistic, culture side, you could say.


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