Save Some For The Whales

Today, I witnessed a coworker purchase a bottle of water from our soda vending machine. Yes, I know that people do this from time to time, and I understand that there is an Aquafina button for a reason. But I’ve also traveled to parts of the world where the water is not safe to drink, let alone wash your hands with. To know that not only do we have drinkable tap water (and tasty, to boot), as well as filtered ice cold H20 pouring from the refrigerator really makes me feel like a greedy American.

It also makes it that much more obvious how out of place I am here and exactly where the priorities lay.

{Editor’s note: original photo has been replaced with a much happier, bright photo from my lunch break…in my car…this story is going downhill rather quickly…}

I also had to construct my own at-desk recycle bin- by labeling a shred bin with a little circle of arrows (and a silent thank you goes out to the courteous cleaning person who empties it into the recycle once a week, instead of just trashing it. You, sir or ma’am, are part of the solution and not the problem.) The other employees tend to throw paper in the garbage and don’t pick up on the hints, as I physically pull something they’ve just thrown away out of the garbage and put it into the recycling.

You’re looking at someone who recycles her toilet paper rollers and holds on to almost everything, hoping to find a second/third/fourth use for it.


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