Everything’s Coming Up Seven

I’m sure you’re all sick and tired of hearing about how awesome my friends are, but really? I can’t keep this to myself. So I wanted to spotlight a friend and his most recent creative endeavor.

When I first met Jon, he was drinking contraband whisky at the OSU Battle of the Bands back in 2004 with a mohawk and a sleeveless t-shirt, dancing to the massive guitar riffs at a Stairway Denied show (also good friends, nowadays but complete strangers back then). We’ve since graduated from OSU’s Graphic Design program, went all but separate ways and seen each other a handful of times since. He can be found in Portland’s bars and backyards, PBR in hand and a big grin on his face- recounting his most recent antics, on the brink of both offending the entire crowd and winning them over at the same time.

He’s held a variety of jobs, just as many of us artistic, never-fit-in-anywhere types do. But it would seem as though this is his baby. He founded the company with a good friend of his and based its identity around everything they really stood by- “Design, motorcycles, fashion, community, cycling, solidarity, tattoos, art, music, and friendship,” to quote their website and founding story. They operate the site, the blog (which is consistently updated with images, music, playlists, and other news about the company), and they most recently participated in Food Wars 3, a community benefit that provided 9,000 cans of food for locals.

(Below, founders Jonny and Mitch)

I can’t express how important it is for the “haves” to help the “have-nots” and how admirable it is to see individuals our age attempting to change the world, on any scale. It’s crucial.  (That’s just my little soapbox.)

So here’s where you come in: head on over to their shop. Peruse the selection. I imagine you’ll find something you like, it’s not hard. The stuff is catchy and of course well designed (read the back story and you’ll know why). It’s all printed on American Apparel stock, so you know it’s comfy. And they have been known to run specials from time to time (black Friday they ran a really nice one and will often do custom orders for weird sizes or color requests that aren’t available on the site). I have been eyeing the bomber for quite some time (I just love gold screen print). Who knows, my sugar daddy just may find cause to gift me one.

(Ain’t that a thing of beauty?)

Their initial run of shirts have sold like hotcakes, from what I hear. Promotion has begun for their second set of designs and you can see the sneak peeks on the blog. Hopefully those will hit the shop soon.

Support a local business founded by good people.

(All images copyright Come Up Seven clothing company.)


2 responses to “Everything’s Coming Up Seven

  1. You, my dear, are incredible. Thank you.

  2. I wouldn’t say it if it weren’t, in the first place, true.

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