Record for the year

We’ve hit our record for the year today. 99 degrees. But something occurred to me on my ride home.

I was enjoying myself, far too much for how few people I saw out and how heartily the sun was beating down. My ride isn’t all that long, but it isn’t short either. And the few people I did see had that sun-pained looked to them. Where all the life is just being sucked out and they could really use reviving. Women pushing strollers in bikini tops and athletic shorts, old men sitting on lawn chairs under shady trees, college guys walking to their cars with their eyes squinting and their brows furrowed almost saying, “can you believe this? outta nowhere!” And I just kind of rode by, not really noticing it.

And it hit me- I didn’t spend much time in Ecuador/etc. this winter. But some how, that beating sun just doesn’t feel as harsh. Last summer, I would have arrived home, drenched in sweat and panting. And sadly, I know I’m not in better shape. So what could it be?

That equator sun. Once you feel it right over head, all day long…

I imagine I’ll change my tune if I ever see the Sahara, or feel the heat in the Middle East. But for now, I’ve warmed up to a comfortable temperature, finally.


One response to “Record for the year

  1. they say the body gets used to heat or cold.
    we had friends who’d moved to florida a couple years ago visit last week on the most glorious, partly sunny, 80º day. When the sun went down and the temp dropped to 76 she asked if I had a sweater she could borrow because she was cold!
    sometimes I’m amazed, people can adjust to anything.

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