Breaking News!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast for this special bulletin:

{December 25, 2007}

Finding it hard to believe that those two (up there, yes) were but almost strangers not three years ago. And now? They’re getting married.

Yes, he asked and she said yes and the rest is history right? We’ll see.

As the story goes, there was a big plan to pull me up on stage at our friends’ concert and the last show before our favorite restaurant closed. (I should note, they didn’t close forever, only to re-open two weeks later with new owners and a slew of improvements! Yay!). However, not everything went as planned: he was so excited (and a little bit nervous- that’s a lot of people to be in front of for something so important), so as I was rushing around trying to get ready for the concert- “Do I need this sweater, or this one? Should I put leggings on under my skirt? Is it chilly enough? Do you have my extra roll of film??? And my chapstick- why can I never find my chapstick?!?” He stopped me and pulled on my arm, already bent down on one knee. And I thought he was joking! I even told him to cut it out! I’d seen the Office Episode, I knew how this played out. but no, this was the real thing. Right in our own little bedroom, we got engaged :)

It was exactly like this, only indoors, actually ended in a proposal, and didn’t involve two high paid actors and millions of TV viewers.

We snapped a few quick pictures and only had ten minutes or so to relish in our newly engagedness before we had to rush off to the concert and tell the friends not to pause in their set list for us. Some already knew (they were in on the plan!) and everyone began buying drinks, spreading joy and we all just had a blast at what turned out to be one of the best rock concerts I’ve seen at Bomb’s.

*If I’m going to be honest, this all happened Jun 12th. I’m just so terrible about my blogging and we’ve been so busy celebrating with all of our friends (as soon as it happened, everyone we knew wanted to take us out or make us dinner!).


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