Back up your hard drives. Regularly.

That’s right folks- second hard drive crash and hardware failure in the short life of my 17 inch Macbook pro. This time? All of my stuff is completely gone. Music collection with specific playlists tuned to big life events (and even some not so big)? Ciao. Random images, quotes, blips, and other quirky things seemingly unimportant and not worth transferring to an external drive? Adios. Bookmarks, preferences, settings, and all those little quirks that make a computer ‘yours’? Forget about ever finding them again because they are floating somewhere in technological oblivion. (weep)

A blessing in disguise has been the teeny amount of space available over the past year, forcing me to almost always work off of my external. Projects, freelance, and photography have all been kept there. Thank goodness.


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