Today, I am thankful for my health.

I think this one is pretty simple, but it bears repeating. When you’re not feeling well, when you’re not good to yourself- it really seems like everything suffers and not just you. I spent a few days battling a pretty hefty migraine and only after a very strong shot of something fierce was I able to enjoy even the lowest of lighting, softest of sounds, and faintest smells. It’s at these times when you most strongly wish that everything would just “feel better”. And when you finally do get back to decent health, you take it for granted. So today, I’m saying thank you- body, mind, etc. for working hard together and making it possible to enjoy and accomplish all of the things I set out to.

After two years in-doors, finding myself weak and incapable of the things I loved, I have still forgotten how fantastic it feels to be healthy. Today, I am thankful for my health.


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