Creative flow

Things that pique my interest, as of late:

The collections of jennifer booher.

Marian Bantjes. And her assertion that she cannot work directly on the computer because the computer, somehow, controls her brain. I could not agree more. So often I feel a pressure in my muscles when I’m working, that I have something that I absolutely must get out but can’t if I’m trying to do it on the computer. (More here.)


And these three Monique Lullier gowns. Any of them would be absolutely perfect for that high budget, pie in the sky fantasy wedding I’m planning in my head. Breathtaking.

The Kate Spade e-Valentines are perhaps the best e-cards I’ve seen yet. Nothing replaces the real thing, but these are quite clever.

And last but not least, a very quiet toot of my own horn, the Romatrix, a fun little project between myself and fellow Brasser, Jane.


Have a very fulfilling v-day. xoxo.


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