Our wedding plans are in full swing. The most exciting part so far has been all of the thrifting for bits and pieces. In the beginning, we said we would part with anything we didn’t absolutely need or have space for. But after having spent so much time and energy hunting these things down- and falling in love with each and every one of them in my own way- I’m having a hard time imagining them gone.

So I’ve reasoned that they won’t be leaving for good, but instead adopted by friends and family whom I know will truly adore them. I’ve already picked out recipients for quite a few of the pieces.

The hardest thing to find so far? Cake stands. I have yet to see a single one.

This weekend will again be filled with wedding fun. I’m booked clear in to August and our first truly free weekend will come with our honeymoon. But I’m not complaining. I’m having way too much fun with all of this. In another life, I think I was a collector, or an antique shop curator. Perhaps even a prop stylist. I swear, I could do this as a second job!

Have a lovely weekend xoxo.


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