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A Lot Of Books

I don’t generally buy into all the Anthropologie hoopla and I usually feel their stuff is a false buy-out of the cultural artifacts it’s all trying to imitate, but after watching a documentary preview on Showtime (well, online…) about the buying process and consideration that goes into the brand, I’m slowly forming a bit of an appreciation for the brand. However, knowing that their in some way linked to Urban Outfitters still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Moving on…

I noticed this wallpaper posted over at ‘A Cup of Jo‘ and was only slightly disappointed to find out that it was an Anthropologie product. Obviously it’s out of my price range, of course I have no place to put it as I am currently and will be for a while to come renting, but I’m still quite inspired and must admit to the little warm spot in my heart that gets poked every time I see stacks and stacks of lovingly decayed books.

Growing up, I used to love getting lost in a good ‘old lady’ wallpaper. The intricate patterns on the walls of houses we’d visit, daycares I’d spend an afternoon at, neighbors houses with hidden treasures in dens and guest bedrooms. My imagination would run wild.

I guess the wallpaper isn’t really necessary. We’re working on quite the collection as it is, and sooner or later they’ll outgrow all their shelving and just line the walls. It’s a daily struggle to keep track of the four or so I’m reading at this moment. They seem to migrate about the apartment, floating in and out of piles. On coffee tables, nightstands, desks- any flat surface that would normally collect dust, in this household collects books.

There’s just something so beautiful about a simple spine.

[Image credits: Patrick Cline, and my house.]


A Simple Wish

If you happen through Spain any time soon, as I unfortunately am not going that way, please pick up one each of these. I’m a 38/39. Please and thank you.

Felt Letters

Felt type 1

Felt type II

I’m sure this little gem is making it’s way around the internet already. These felt letters (hand sewn? If so, how very time consuming and dedicated) are advertised on Etsy as a great way to “make learning the alphabet fun for your little one.” I predict that many a typophile will be snatching them up for entirely selfish purposes.

There is something very basic and elementary about felt- about the memories it’s created throughout my childhood of crafts, and about the very specific range of colors available in most crafting stores. Perhaps you could call it a sort of comfort fabric.

If I were a guzillionaire and a size zero

You could probably find me flouncing about in several frocks from this shop:

Perfect for a summer picnic, were I Betty Draper, Coca Cola in hand.

Imagine carrying out all of your daily tasks in a full skirt and slip? I would be grinning from ear to ear.

This would drop some jaws.

This is so timeless.

Obviously there is still a young girl trapped inside of me, because I want nothing more than to wear these dresses with their giant fluffy skirts and twirl around. This yellow number is perhaps my favorite.

(Oh how silly internet procrastination lends itself to daydreaming and scheming.)

Ikea, 1965.

Apparently IKEA has been around a lot longer than I really contemplated. Below are scans from a 1965 IKEA catalouge. If only their modern products had this timeless air to them.

(I would definitely be the happy owner of this sofa/loveseat combo).

Original post can be found here.

EDIT: Lance Armstrong’s Butterfly Bike

Ok, let’s get a few things straight here. First off, upon seeing teaser images of this bike (the original reason for this entire blog post, let me remind you) I understood two things: one, that Damien Hirst had designed a bike decorated with a butterfly theme, and second, that that bike was created in the name of promoting Lance’s causes and would thus perpetuate those ideals. Now, as a result of this very brief viewing of such very small images, I really didn’t see fit to work out exactly how Hirst had designed the exterior pattern for the bike; it was entirely possible that it was a sticker applique, or some other form of additive design technology. They honestly don’t look like real butterflies at first glance, so why would a single teaser image and my knowledge of who Lance Armstrong is compel me to question the moral integrity of the entire design work? All I know was that the geometric arrangement of the organic pieces on an overall form that is significant to me was very pleasing- in fact inspiring. That someone had not merely given the bike a “cool paint job”, but instead perhaps meticulously thought out its geometry as an object and tailored an exterior to fit. To me, that kind of thought, is good design and art.
It wasn’t until “Alan” brought it to my attention, albeit harshly criticising, that the bike was in fact covered in thousands upon thousands of dead butterflies. Now, I am left to wish it were merely designed with decals and appliques.
As I said before, I support the message that Hirst is trying to convey- this idea that for those of us living, our death will be an inconceivable brunt of a realization, something too many of us cannot even begin to fathom. I do not, however, commend his means for achieving it. I will never support the sacrifice of any life for the sake of art. Nor do I think that Lance had any idea what he was truly getting himself into- I imagine his “team” put together another team of artist to create bikes to be auctioned off for his cause and that was the best knowledge he had, aside from some last minute approval. You can find the rest of those bikes here (none of the others feature animal parts):

And if you’d really like to know the whole story, go here for more on the Lance Armstrong Damien Hirst Butterfly Bike:

The original Blog Post:

Teaser images are being released of the intricately adorned butterfly Trek, designed by Hirst. In theory, Lance will gallantly ride down the Champs Ellysees atop this gorgeous beast after winning his eighth tour. We’ll see if he pulls it out.

I lust after this bike somethin’ fierce. Lordy. I know I just bought my dream of all dreams bike, but goodness my, would if I could own a beaut such as this…

Image and more info can be found here.

An Apron

This apron, from Anthropolgie, would certainly provide that much needed incentive to get me back into the swing of actually cooking, instead of eating salads and sandwiches every night. Busy schedules. Rising temperatures. A few lingering boxes. I’ve lost my will to flex the few “gourmet” muscles I may have acquired.