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A Lot Of Books

I don’t generally buy into all the Anthropologie hoopla and I usually feel their stuff is a false buy-out of the cultural artifacts it’s all trying to imitate, but after watching a documentary preview on Showtime (well, online…) about the buying process and consideration that goes into the brand, I’m slowly forming a bit of an appreciation for the brand. However, knowing that their in some way linked to Urban Outfitters still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Moving on…

I noticed this wallpaper posted over at ‘A Cup of Jo‘ and was only slightly disappointed to find out that it was an Anthropologie product. Obviously it’s out of my price range, of course I have no place to put it as I am currently and will be for a while to come renting, but I’m still quite inspired and must admit to the little warm spot in my heart that gets poked every time I see stacks and stacks of lovingly decayed books.

Growing up, I used to love getting lost in a good ‘old lady’ wallpaper. The intricate patterns on the walls of houses we’d visit, daycares I’d spend an afternoon at, neighbors houses with hidden treasures in dens and guest bedrooms. My imagination would run wild.

I guess the wallpaper isn’t really necessary. We’re working on quite the collection as it is, and sooner or later they’ll outgrow all their shelving and just line the walls. It’s a daily struggle to keep track of the four or so I’m reading at this moment. They seem to migrate about the apartment, floating in and out of piles. On coffee tables, nightstands, desks- any flat surface that would normally collect dust, in this household collects books.

There’s just something so beautiful about a simple spine.

[Image credits: Patrick Cline, and my house.]


“I suppose I have a really loose interpretation of ‘work,’ because I think that just being alive is so much work at something you don’t always want to do. Being born is like being kidnapped. And then sold into slavery. People are working every minute. The machinery is always giong. Even when you sleep.”

From The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

A Handsome Jacket

“But they danced down the streets like dingledodies, and I shambled after as I’ve been doing all my life after people who interest me, because the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who nveer yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes ‘Awww!'”

Two months before I left, the fall was just getting crisp and I took on my normal autumnal habit of filling my ears with soothing Bob Dylan records, donning tights and dark outfits, and taking lots of black and white photographs. I can’t imagine I’ll ever feel comfortable living in this decade/time frame. So I began this book and let myself tumble further into those longing feelings for a time, a place, and a culture I’ll never know.

A month later, I realized I’d be better off delving deeper into my Spanish novels, in the vain hope of salvaging what was left of my truly fluent tongue from my life in Spain. I put down the Kerouac and picked up my copy of Moby Dick (translated). I resolved not to read a single English book or publication up to or during my trip and am proud to say I kept that promise.

Now, almost fifteen days have passed and I’m just getting to the huge stack of books on my nightstand and coffee table. I was lucky to spend all of today sipping on Jasmine tea and plunging even further into the world that I vaguely recalled from the few chapters I’d started before my trip.I felt cozier, comforted just reading of such a time.

Unfortunately, my copy isn’t nearly as handsome as this one (pictured above), designed by Jez Burrows for a Penguin Books competition. What I wouldn’t give to be counted amongst the designers that Penguin uses for its classic novels (and new ones, as well).

As Mary delivered what was to be her last lecture about the Galápagos Islands, though, she would be stopped mid sentence for five seconds by a doubt which, if expressed in words, might have come out something like this, ‘Maybe I’m just a crazy lady who has wandered off the street and into this class room and started explaining the mysteries of life to these young people. And they believe me, although I am utterly mistaken about simply everything.‘”

Vonnegut, Galápagos

Running Wishlist

I keep a “wishlist” folder in my bookmark section for all of those things I find that I know I’ll never reasonably afford, or be able to reason myself into purchasing. It has grown increasingly large over the past year, and after weeding out some of the more exorbitant/crazy impossible items, I figured I may as well share the neater ones here.

I recently bought a vintage red samsonite suitcase at Goodwill for $3.50, satin inside and all. I had been looking for one just like it for years. But, I think these floral suitcases from Lale Toys and Gifts (eventhough they are children’s size) would be every bit as fun, if not more.

Somewhere, lurking around in 1987 there is a photo of me sporting a pair of plastic red star-shaped sunglasses. Sporting these on a sunny day would no doubt put a smile on my face. (Via UO.)

Found My Animal is a pretty awesome foundation that promotes adopting animals and makes rope gorgeous rope leashes, as well as other accessories. “25% of ALL profits go directly to the Louis Animal Foundation, a unique non-profit group dedicated to spaying/neutering and providing homes for animals who have not yet ‘found’ their people.”

I cannot explain my intense fascination with images of atomic testing. When that fascination gets paired with my beloved viewmaster, you can bet I’m on board. These have been on my list for over a year, and at a mere ten bucks, I really have no reason why I haven’t snatched them up, other than loathing paying for shipping.

I am in need of a different “everyday ring”. I gifted myself the Kiel Mead Knot last year, but it gets caught on everything (hair, tights, pockets, jackets, sleeves, carpet, you name it), so I only wear it for special occassions. This dainty, classy rose ring would be perfect.

I already have this American Apparel shirt and wear it almost daily- it’s threadbare. To find the exact same shirt with a gorgeous illustration including some hand drawn typography, as well as my childhood love- hot air balloons- again, something I’ve had on my list for a long time and can’t reason why I haven’t purchased it yet. I only halfway wish it were a different color so that people didn’t think I was wearing the same shirt everyday and just turning it inside out some days.

I absolutely love the idea of marking and maintaining my own “library”, lending books to friends, having them lent to me. These stamps would be perfect for keeping track and adding a personal touch to all the old books I have in my collection. There is something so lovely about the history of a book’s owner being displayed. I get a little giddy when I find a used book that has a plate already in it, telling the story of its previous owner and how much it was loved.

And of course, the pièce de résistance is this Glacier Park Blanket by Pendleton Woolen Mills. I spotted it randomly in a D*Sponge Sneak Peak, but had no idea what it was, then came across it suddenly elsewhere (again, I don’t even recall my path to this beautiful blanket), but somehow I’ve grown very attached without ever even touching one. In fact, I wish so direly (is that even a word?) to possess one and cuddle it that I even almost persuaded Matt to detour our Jellystone roadtip all the way to Glacier Park just to purchase one (do they even still sell them there? were there ever sold there? I have no clue.)

Suffices to say, I would be happy as the ‘gal in this ad if my mitts were beholden such a beautiful blanket (it’s a blanket for cripes sake, right? I know). I would even be satiated by the Yellowstone version with a simple extra yellow pinstripe.

At times, the regulars are on eBay for an ‘affordable’ $60 or so. The new go for around $200. I have yet to see an antique or Yellowstone version. You can find out more about the history of this whole National Parks Blanket scheme here.

As for me, I’m going to go study for my sixth midterm of this term. Only three more to go, but who’s counting? Certainly, I am. Eight days ’til moving day. And yes, that is also something I am counting down to.

It must be kodachrome

When I went to elementary school, there was an entire shelf in our library (a ‘U’ shaped low series of shelves with a check out desk in the middle, all in the middle of a round of open classrooms) devoted to Cousteau’s series of books. They all had this famous face and hat on them, all in this brilliant color scheme. When I saw this photo, it struck something very familiar within me and I could instantly smell my old elementary school library.

Cinco! de Buenos Aires

I used to fantasize about graduating and disappearing to some European- Spanish speaking country and showing up at the doorstep of some awesome design firm, portfolio in hand, dreams in my head and saying, “Here I am, I’ll give you everything I’ve got; just make it possible for me to live in your happy city.” (only more pro-actively worded, and less pitiful/lost child with wonder in her eyes). I wanted to find a place where I could challenge everything I knew about Graphic Design and take print media to a completely different level than anything I’d seen thus far. I wanted, essentially, to feel like I was in grad school without the whole paying tuition/not earning income part. I realized fairly quickly over the past year that all of those dreams had to be reformatted and my life path was going to be very different. Nevertheless, I still feel a twinge of hope when I come upon work like this stuff from Cinco! of Buenos Aires. If ever there were a “style” (or, really, a desire for going above and beyond, and pushing the boundaries of what print media is nowadays) and a city in the South Americas all rolled up into one for me, this might be it.

(I feel like this first one might be featured in a book I own…perhaps Area, or something like it. Goodness I love that book.)



You can find more work on their website here or their blog here.