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Cinco! de Buenos Aires

I used to fantasize about graduating and disappearing to some European- Spanish speaking country and showing up at the doorstep of some awesome design firm, portfolio in hand, dreams in my head and saying, “Here I am, I’ll give you everything I’ve got; just make it possible for me to live in your happy city.” (only more pro-actively worded, and less pitiful/lost child with wonder in her eyes). I wanted to find a place where I could challenge everything I knew about Graphic Design and take print media to a completely different level than anything I’d seen thus far. I wanted, essentially, to feel like I was in grad school without the whole paying tuition/not earning income part. I realized fairly quickly over the past year that all of those dreams had to be reformatted and my life path was going to be very different. Nevertheless, I still feel a twinge of hope when I come upon work like this stuff from Cinco! of Buenos Aires. If ever there were a “style” (or, really, a desire for going above and beyond, and pushing the boundaries of what print media is nowadays) and a city in the South Americas all rolled up into one for me, this might be it.

(I feel like this first one might be featured in a book I own…perhaps Area, or something like it. Goodness I love that book.)



You can find more work on their website here or their blog here.