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On Grandmas, and Squares, Roadtrips, and the Snowball Effect

Alright, I’ll fess up. I don’t really know who this Aaron Rose guy is, or why he’s even relevant to modern/pop culture, or why the ubiquitous Selby wants to take his apartment’s picture. But I will admit to a few key things: 1. he’s got an awesome sense of color, and 2. I was instantly jealous of his mariachi guitar.

Oh, what is that on his shelf? An Olympus Pen? (Sitting happily next to a Canon FT QL, might I add…) I also remember liking the way his record collection is set up;

much more for the browsing and easier to go through, but not so well thought out for the sound. Mine doesn’t work all that well when you want to find that one Cannonball Adderly record and you know you maybe filed it under ‘C’ or ‘A’- I mean both are logical, but ultimately in my mind he’ll always just be Cannonball, but to Matt, well he might get filed by his last name.

(Add about thirty more albums, and you’ve got our current situation.)

Were the records not filed in a shelf, this whole search would be a bit easier. But I digress. This post is about grandmothers. Or rather, granny squares.

Ok, now we’re at the collision point of the above image and the rest of this entry. Without going into specifics, I’ll just let it be known that I am not a fantastic crocheting wiz. The four knitting projects I began this winter remain unfinished- and they’re all scarves (one, for my sister, who will coincidentally be spending the next winter in Mexico, so that project can wait- procrastination goes deep). But, as soon as I saw this image, I knew I was destined for something much bigger and wilder. So I stowed it away in my memory, all the while pining for the skillset to magically come to my hands. Lo and behold…

Well not quite, but at least I stumbled upon a blog that wanted to try and teach me how! That’s a start, right?

I think the original journey began over at A Cup Of Jo (not for certain) but somehow in the back pages of the Purl Bee, I ran accross an entry about a Giant Granny Square, which then lead to yet another entry on how to begin the little granny square. And if you know me at all, you know that I absolutely love it when little ideas snowball into big ideas. The Giant Granny Square has my name written all over it

(A really peaceful, warm photo of yarn suggested for a Granny Square afghan via The Purl Bee.)

So, there you have it. Not only are we taking on this wonderfully large endeavor of moving (next week! without a single box packed! Don’t worry, it’s only across town.), but I’ll also be graduating in June (cross your fingers, please!) and with any luck, we’ll have some money set aside for a pretty sweet road trip come July. Oh, and I’ll be starting a GIANT granny square to cover our entire bed, if not bedroom. Because I am just that fascinated with them.