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Hoorah! We’re Saaaaaved!

Did you hear? The Impossible Project debuted their first ever instant film! Initially I imagined all of my potential income being blown on this stuff, but after seeing the video and examples, I’m a bit skeptical.

I’ll admit to being a little underwhelmed by the quality of the examples. Make no mistake, it’s quite the undertaking. But everything they’ve shown so far seems to be lacking in contrast and definition in a way that the old Polaroid never was.

I also don’t really agree with the practice of not defining ISO’s and other features of the film. I don’t think people are inspired to be more creative when the film doesn’t have a speed indicated or light sensitivity, especially when it all appears over/under exposed. It’s actually a bit of a disappointment. I really hope they continue to make improvements and introduce a new line of color films, as well.

Images credited to the Impossible Project website.