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An Apron

This apron, from Anthropolgie, would certainly provide that much needed incentive to get me back into the swing of actually cooking, instead of eating salads and sandwiches every night. Busy schedules. Rising temperatures. A few lingering boxes. I’ve lost my will to flex the few “gourmet” muscles I may have acquired.


Neon Cupcakes / Our New Place

A friend of ours defended his Master Thesis this past Friday. It was our first Friday in our new place, and as such we had boxes of some things strewn about, but didn’t seem to have any of the right things- including furniture. So I made neon cupcakes, which were quickly smashed, messed all over, an had their staining properties discovered. Even Rockydog got in on some of the action- a rarity in this household.

Things get serious when ‘pie’ (or chit) is involved.

All Scanned

Posts have been light lately. I just got done scanning all 7 recent rolls, as well as 3 older hidden rolls and a fat stack of polaroids. (I gave in and succame to the pitiful quality of my scanner for the time being). Now, I have to sort out and find the photos that correspond to the photo-a-day. What a mess!

Chipotle In My Brownies?

Felt the need for some kitchen adventure yesterday as we made our way over to our landlords’ for dinner, wine, and discussion. I’d had the opportunity to taste some spiced brownies at a potluck for an art final last summer and had been wondering about them ever since. Feeling even more adventurous, I began my first serious kitchen undertaking since Valentine’s Day and the swarms of Holiday baking. They turned out very well, almost as I expected but little on the spicy side (I’d err on the side of 1tsp of chipotle, not the 1.5 that I used) and paired marvelously with the old vine Zinfandel our landlord served after dinner. I most certainly recommend this recipe, though it’s a bit time consuming. The cardamom and chocolate were the most expensive parts, as we didn’t already have those spices. But the flavors play so nicely together. Don’t be daunted by the seemingly difficult “double boiler” (bowl) technique. It’s actually, very simple. These brownies are so worth it and a welcome departure from the standard plain chocolate.

The Baked Brownie, spiced up. Via Smitten Kitchen. (the photo is also via SK, as I am no food photog).

Moment of Zen

Back from hiatus! Sort of…

Olympus Pen came in the mail today, along with my copy of MADE YOU LOOK! I’ll have more details soon. Also, the Canon FT QL I scooped up (nay, rescued) from Goodwill for ten bucks. AND some of the first shots from my new SX-70. All, soon, very soon. Patience is a virtue? I’m off to make stir fry and play the copy of Zeppelin III we found at the beach (not on the beach, oddly enough) in preperation for tomorrow’s Stairway show. Be there or be square.

Takes a lickin’…

(A very abridged excerpt from this weekend’s round, surgery #4)

Lo and behold, I’m still alive. Despite the valiant efforts of the blood tech Friday morning, I escaped with most of my lower right forearm and only mostly resemble a severely abused pincushion. To her credit, she was “green” and I felt bad for instiling a bit of fear in her by right off the bat mentioning that my veins were tiny and all other techs/IV placers had attempted one arm, then switched to the other. She not only did this, but also went vein-diving in my lower arm for a good fifteen minutes before asking her extremely aloof supervisor whether or not to pull out because no blood was surfacing. She literally has a needle inside my skin and is fishing back and forth and all around, hoping to stick a juicy one. She settled, in the end, just minutes before I reached my black-out thresh hold. Finally, her man-sized supervisor manhandled my wimpy veins via location #3, harvested what they needed, and were on their way.

Enter nurse “Travolta”, one five o’clock shadow too many and one beehive too short of this more prominent public “figure”. Though she was all about my vitals, I could just as easily imagine her going home and tossin’ one back with Christopher Walken.

The rest of the day and weekend gets foggy. I know we dined upon Giovanni’s that evening- my favorite Italian of all time. I also have it on good authority that I slept through Saturday and could not be disturbed until sometime mid Sunday.

Honey and I packed up the box car and headed on home late Sunday afternoon, but not without some sort of spending adventure in a place that held things we no doubt did not need. Appropriately so, we ended up leaving Cost Plus with a giant paper sphere to be used as a light in the living room and some big glass string lights for the patio, as well as some ornate light blue glass tumblers:


I am now inspired to drink more water and ginger ale.

Since I am such a lucky gal, Honey also permitted me a dreaded trip into American Aparrel, a store I reserve for times in which I have either absolutely zero dollars to spend, or the exact opposite. But, I’d had an item on my wish list since last fall and was just ever so curious to see what it looked like in person and if I could pull it off- some of their stuff looks so fun, but just doesn’t translate to my everyday bland not-so-technicolor lifestyle.

Meet: the Circle Scarf in hippie print.

I don’t know what continuously attracts me to tie die prints; they’re hard to pull off and usually make me look like I’m trying too hard to be all “free spirited” and “open minded”. And yet somehow, I’ve been yearning after this scarf for months now upon seeing it in person this last Sunday, decided it was indubitably worth the $34, especially in the navy combo that highlights my eyes (which, by the way, isn’t nearly as harsh on the eyes as it appears on line). I’ll probably only wear it three of the proclaimed 47 ways you can morph this thing: into anything from a superhero cape to rescue raft in case of an emergency plane landing. But gosh I’ll have fun in the process.

I think tonight we’re building a fort out of it with the giant Sphere orb as the moon.

If we’d kept going down this road, I may have ended up ordering the tie-die tights I’d spotted on Winona’s site and nearly keeled over in jealousy for their pairing of several attributes I live for in leg-adornment: the mere fact that they are tights, their gorgeous hue, the probable comfort factor, the way they might look in the sun, and the general exclamation of “Oh for fun!” they might muster from my sweet Grandmother. (We Love Colors Nylon/Lycra/Nolium?/ColorSplash Tights)

Now, what exactly did my doctor say about making any important personal decisions while taking strong pain pills?