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Inspiring Interiors

Good “thing collecting” is hard to come by in this small town. The resale shops get donations from the same general kinds of people and craigslist is full of mid-late nineties garbage. I’m also hard up for cash and dating a man who let’s me only have so much fun with the awesome space we live in (I gave up this gorgeous 1950’s wrap around sofa and awesome pink floral rug when we first moved in together). So, until I can afford my own studio to decorate as I please, I’ll lust after these images of inspiring spaces that other people get to dwell in day-to-day.

This rug is absolutely gorgeous, but I imagine it would be vetoed. (via.)

Repurposed crates that double as wall and storage? If only we had the space. (Source same as above.)

I love the mishmash of old and new, the color of the sofa, the bird panel in the background, the burlap on the sofa, and the insane amount of books just out, hanging around. (via.)

Giant siamese giraffe painting. (same source as above.)

An entire door devoted to chalboardery. (via.)

This patio is pretty neat, but I’d need a garden space as well. Where’s the greanery? Though I love the overall feel. (via.)

I don’t think I’d be so morbid as to collect bones and skulls, but I know I have various “curiosities” that deserve such heightened presentation. (via.)