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So I’ve been busy?

Sorry little blog and all two of you that stop by. Life lately has taken a turn for the fiercely obligated. I, quite honestly don’t mind. It keeps things clickin’ along at a steady pace, while making sure I’m not stuck on the fact that I have yet to graduated

Yes, I just admitted to the entire universe (all two of you) that I will again, not be graduating. It would seem that I am, in fact, not superhuman and cannot pull off 21 credits in one term, no matter how deeply I so desire to graduate. So, it looks like I’ll have yet another summer of one class here and one class there (as the University has a very terrible habit of either not scheduling the courses I need in the same session, or scheduling the both of them at the same time). I may attempt to get a job without a diploma, I may not. Right now, the main event, center stage, are the two finals I have yet to take this coming Thursday and Friday morning. I shall be cramming relentlessly until then, but I figured taking a wee break was completely acceptable, as I have left this space neglected for many a week.

Recent events in the life of me:

We moved back to the downtown area and have been absolutely thrilled with our new digs/location/view/the overall amount of daylight we get as long as there is sun in the sky. Coming from a dungeon up on Witham Hill (with lots of amenities, mind you) and settling in to this place has been no easy task, but it has been a breath of fresh air. We finally moved the last of our things the weekend before last and realized just how much junk we own and how much we needed to get rid of/stash hurriedly in a closet before my parents and grandparents arrived a few days later:

(There are four- count em four- bikes in that room. I no longer have a desk, but instead a card table.)

Oh yes, the view:

(A not so glorious polaroid looking out one of our livingroom windows.)

What you can’t see, off to the right, is Mary’s Peak (on a clear day), or directly straight out and at the end of the block, the train (I love the train). People walk by all day, and I just sit at our little table, do my work, and watch the world go by.

I’ve been taking quite a few photos and not really keeping the best of track for my “Photo a day” project”, but I still have a pretty good idea of what was taken on a specific date. I recently processed and printed three rolls (one from my poor Olympus Pen that fell out of a very ill-designed purse and busted on the concrete).

(Our livingroom pre-furniture.)

(I am perhaps inapproprietly obsessed with shadows and sunspots.)

(See, more sunspots.)

(There are very few photographs that really do an awesome job of capturing the character of the person they depict. This one came out startlingly well…)

I even got the first roll back from that $9 Canon FT QL I rescued from Goodwill. I’m actually quite impressed; there’s a distinctly different quality to the images it produces- unlike anything else I own in that category (70’s-80’s metal body SLR; think ’72 Nikon F2 or ’82 Olympus OM10). I don’t have the “other side” of this photo, but it’s aptly titled Canon vs. Canon (my old FT against Matt’s newer Rebel something something).

And finally:

We went to see Flight of the Conchords! Hooray! The show itself was fantastic and awesome and everything we could never have dreamed. However, there was a pesky little statement on the tickets about not taking any photographs. And I, loving all of my cameras dearly and never wanting to be parted from any of them, decided it was best to just leave the two I’d brought in the car. Of course folks were snapping flash photos all evening long, but I felt good about the fact that I’d obeyed the rules. (Really? No, I wished that I smuggled a flash camera in. ) So all we’ve got as souveniers are our ticked stubs (misplaced in the move, like many other things) and this photograph taken before we walked over to the concert hall. We’re poor; we collect memories and not possessions. (Though looking at our clutered apartment, you’d call me a liar.)

That’s all folks!

(But to tide you over until I’m free again, for those of you who did watch Saved by the Bell and can hold back your Jimmy Fallon-induced retching/convulsing for a few minutes, enjoy this little vid of what happens when he ends up mighty confused as none other than the Zack Morris himself shows up for Mark Paul Gosselar’s scheduled appearance on whatever late-night show Fallon is currently running into the ground.)


Warmer Days On The Brain

It seems like everyone is buzzing about their longings for sunny skies, warm days, and general for spring yearnings.

As a recent convert to bloody mary-dom, this Heriloom Tomato Bloody Mary just might fit the bill:

Via Locavore Lifestyle.

I have only a handful of cameras that do well in the winter; the limited number of daylight hours coupled with the generally low light conditions makes for some very “foggy” exposures. Spring cannot come soon enough.


Adding to the list of cameras I’m “saving” to purchase; an Olympus Pen F; a half-frame single lens reflex camera. Essentially, as is the case with all half-frame cameras, two exposures are placed on a single 1″ negative. People have always sought out ways to democratize photography and make it more affordable. In the early 30’s (and much more commonly in the 60’s), the half-frame camera was the best way to do this, doubling the number of pictures on a single roll of 35mm film. More than anything, I find it to be an interesting way to create unexpected dyptics.

The Traveler III is coming together nicely. I even bought it a nice spring scarf while I was walking around town last week, meandering toward the bus station after the white beast broke down for the third time over a bad ground that’s causing the ECU to fail. Repeatedly. Usually at the worst possible times (my birthday while visiting the DMV to renew my license on the other side of town and with a laundry list of other errands to do before 6pm, while on a shotgun trip to Portland and in a hurry to get back home).

I also picked up two vintage Viewmaster reels: Venice and Mary Poppins, to add to the collection I’ve had since I was pretty little. Stereographic images always boggle my mind. The jackpot would be stumbling upon the Atomic Tests in 3d series; those have been in my wish list folder for almost a year.