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Time Traveler

Quite obviously, I’ve fallen in with the iPhone crowd. Skeptical at first, I’m very pleased with the image quality this little thing produces. Probably the most advanced digital camera I’ve ever owned- and its real purpose is to make phone calls!

I’ve already become hopelessly re-addicted to Bookworm, and Bejeweled (last night I noticed my score has reached over one million points; the reluctant gamer in me is doing a conservative job of not rubbing that in Matt’s face). Almost instantly, I obtained 8mm, so I could shoot little home movies as well. Though I’m almost always rooted in past and tradition, this little gadget is giving me a reason to love technology.

I also caved and purchased the Hipstamatic app. When images from this app first started showing up on facebook and flickr, I was almost bitter. I worried it took away from the original experience of film and I knew that if I got my hands on an iPhone and added such an app, it would completely change the way I interact with photography. So far, not much has changed. I still take quite a few film photographs, but I’m also capable of sharing things instantly with family and friends. I do like that quite a bit.

What are some other apps that you can’t live without (games, organizers, I’m nearly an App virgin!)?