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Thankfulness and Reflection

I’m beginning a mental fast. I know you haven’t seen me in quite some time, so the short of it is this: life is too busy and things that shouldn’t run into each other are now full-fledge encroaching on each other. My work, my personal life, my side work, my art- is all melding and though, in the past I’ve welcomed this with open arms, it seems that nowadays they aren’t playing too well together.

So, I proposed a mental fast, of sorts. And I’ll admit to taking some inspiration from Enna, and some from this local gal, but in general I want to cleanse my mind of negative thoughts, refine my routines so that I’m not appointment-to-appointment-to deadline- to whatever running around and can focus on the important things.

(I’m rambling; time to wrap it up!)

What am I thankful for today? This may seem counterproductive, but today I am thankful for my job and the freedom it gives me to be creative, to satisfy that inner urge to fix things creatively, and of course the paycheck that lets me live where I want to live.

The end.

>>From now on, I’ll be taking a quick five minutes (when I can, still no laptop!) to write every day about one thing I’m so glad and thankful for.