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“Good times.”


It’s time to celebrate. Can you tell? I’m enthused.

(Myself, on the knees of an uncle, Minneapolis MN, Christmas 1984.)

After years of struggles I’ll never be able to put words to, I’ve achieved that pesky little goal of graduating. I can’t say it feels huge/climactic/surreal, because it doesn’t. To those that have supported me (directly and indirectly), you have my deepest grattitude. You’ll never know what you’re constant badgering has meant to me.


What do you do when you need to remember inspiration? When you need to return to a time when you were living fully? When you feel like the wind’s been let out of your sails?

In The Throes Of…

Finals week. As usual, my only harsh due dates occur on St. Patrick’s Day and the morning thereafter. I foresee no green beer, unless it is parked next to my drawing easel and flanked by copious amounts of Tazo Black Awake. In preemptive celebration, we enjoyed Boondock Saints on Sunday eve and sipped on Guinness, not for its flavor, but merely the symbology.

I’m taking a pseudo-blogging-hiatus (but obviously not a hyphen-atus; no, ours is a sordid affair that defies all grammatical logic). Why not head on over to my flickr and peruse the recently unearthed items in my fruitless attempt to clear off more space on External Hard Drive #3?

Or, you could just lurk, as I do, at any of the wonderful blogs I’ve noted to the left. A few are friends, but the majority are happened upon blips of intelligence/art/fun/wit/”yum”/etc.

I feel slightly sheepish in admitting that I (not so secretly) lust after one version of this bike (light canary yellow? pale melon pink? I’m on the fence): scoff at its hipster-mashupdom all you want, you’d have a hard time picturing a more graceful pairing of geometry, function, and hue (well, at least one that would provide transport at infinite miles to the gallon).

Besides, anytime you advertise something by photographing it with three-dimensional letter forms, you’ll instantly get my attention. Do it well, and I might even agree with what you’re saying.


P.S. I’m cooking up a couple other pretty big things that may take a few months to bring into existence (including a possible gallery show), so keep your eyes peeled.

I’ll see you on the flip side.

Recent Incarnations of Project 365

Project 365 has taken a turn for the better and more free. Here’s a little “snapshot” of the more recent fun.