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A Handsome Jacket

“But they danced down the streets like dingledodies, and I shambled after as I’ve been doing all my life after people who interest me, because the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who nveer yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes ‘Awww!'”

Two months before I left, the fall was just getting crisp and I took on my normal autumnal habit of filling my ears with soothing Bob Dylan records, donning tights and dark outfits, and taking lots of black and white photographs. I can’t imagine I’ll ever feel comfortable living in this decade/time frame. So I began this book and let myself tumble further into those longing feelings for a time, a place, and a culture I’ll never know.

A month later, I realized I’d be better off delving deeper into my Spanish novels, in the vain hope of salvaging what was left of my truly fluent tongue from my life in Spain. I put down the Kerouac and picked up my copy of Moby Dick (translated). I resolved not to read a single English book or publication up to or during my trip and am proud to say I kept that promise.

Now, almost fifteen days have passed and I’m just getting to the huge stack of books on my nightstand and coffee table. I was lucky to spend all of today sipping on Jasmine tea and plunging even further into the world that I vaguely recalled from the few chapters I’d started before my trip.I felt cozier, comforted just reading of such a time.

Unfortunately, my copy isn’t nearly as handsome as this one (pictured above), designed by Jez Burrows for a Penguin Books competition. What I wouldn’t give to be counted amongst the designers that Penguin uses for its classic novels (and new ones, as well).


A Carefully Crafted Résumé

While I’m already quite tardy in posting on my South American adventures (did I even mention I was spending three weeks in Ecuador? I didn’t? Well gosh! Anyway…), I wanted to pop in and write up a quick blip about this original little ditty I stumbled upon whilst seeking out inspiration for ways to set myself apart from the rest. Turns out, design jobs in small towns are a bit hard to come by. And while my work usually speaks for itself, I’m having to market myself (something I’ve never really had much experience in doing) and create a personal identity (also, new angle for me).

I think this is a really original way to express a passion in both design and textile work and how the two may cross over on each other. You can find out more about this gal and her neat stuff at www.melissaloveslife.com.

Hopefully I’ll have an initial Ecuador/etc. post up sometime this week. Until then, have a great weekend and a Happy New Year!

Felt Letters

Felt type 1

Felt type II

I’m sure this little gem is making it’s way around the internet already. These felt letters (hand sewn? If so, how very time consuming and dedicated) are advertised on Etsy as a great way to “make learning the alphabet fun for your little one.” I predict that many a typophile will be snatching them up for entirely selfish purposes.

There is something very basic and elementary about felt- about the memories it’s created throughout my childhood of crafts, and about the very specific range of colors available in most crafting stores. Perhaps you could call it a sort of comfort fabric.

Learning To Weld

An update cop-out, perhaps. But I wanted to post a little bit about my first welding experience. One Saturday, not too long ago, I loaded up my bike as Matt headed off to the shop. I had every intention of making my way back in to town (a 30 or so mile ride, avoiding the main highway) but ended up stranded at the shop after encountering an impassible gravel road. I spent a bit of time helping out with various small bug-related projects, until finally I think Matt got frustrated with me being at his heels, looking for things to do, and offered to teach me to weld. He was very straigh-forward and let me loose on a bin full of odds and ends left over from past projects.

I came out of the afternoon with a new number for our apartment, seeing as though it had come to us without. The ‘post-it note’ with a number in pen was getting a bit old.

(Jacket, helmet, and gloves were borrowed, and thus quite large. I will say I was very afraid of flying berries burning me the first few times.)

(Please excuse the cobwebs.)

Quickly now…

This stuff…is insane!

(I think this American Psycho quote is partucularly awesome.)

(That’s some seriously delicate type.)

(Sounds familiar.)

All images from the cutout work of Julene. More work can be found here.

Cinco! de Buenos Aires

I used to fantasize about graduating and disappearing to some European- Spanish speaking country and showing up at the doorstep of some awesome design firm, portfolio in hand, dreams in my head and saying, “Here I am, I’ll give you everything I’ve got; just make it possible for me to live in your happy city.” (only more pro-actively worded, and less pitiful/lost child with wonder in her eyes). I wanted to find a place where I could challenge everything I knew about Graphic Design and take print media to a completely different level than anything I’d seen thus far. I wanted, essentially, to feel like I was in grad school without the whole paying tuition/not earning income part. I realized fairly quickly over the past year that all of those dreams had to be reformatted and my life path was going to be very different. Nevertheless, I still feel a twinge of hope when I come upon work like this stuff from Cinco! of Buenos Aires. If ever there were a “style” (or, really, a desire for going above and beyond, and pushing the boundaries of what print media is nowadays) and a city in the South Americas all rolled up into one for me, this might be it.

(I feel like this first one might be featured in a book I own…perhaps Area, or something like it. Goodness I love that book.)



You can find more work on their website here or their blog here.

A very important question

Ask yourself, how could my day be improved?

Why, simply, by the addition of a giant multi-color painted Baskerville ampersand! Of course.