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Do you ever just need a pick-me-up?

Something to help you push further? To reassure you that everything is going to turn out just fine? That not all hope is lost and perhaps- just maybe- you’ve got time enough today to make your dreams come true (at least the little ones)?

Maybe I’m putting too much stock in pipe-cleaner moustaches and googly eyes, but I prefer it this way.


“Good times.”


It’s time to celebrate. Can you tell? I’m enthused.

(Myself, on the knees of an uncle, Minneapolis MN, Christmas 1984.)

After years of struggles I’ll never be able to put words to, I’ve achieved that pesky little goal of graduating. I can’t say it feels huge/climactic/surreal, because it doesn’t. To those that have supported me (directly and indirectly), you have my deepest grattitude. You’ll never know what you’re constant badgering has meant to me.

The only time you’ll hear me say, “I wish I were still in LA.”

Remembering: swimming out as far as I could into the deep ocean, diving under each wave as it approached-crested-and then swelled over me, and turning over to float on my back; look up at the sky, almost completely helpless in a giant sea of salt, miniscule creatures, and so much water I could definitely drown if I were not careful.

That is the feeling of peace, calm, and overwhelmed all at the same time.

It must be kodachrome

When I went to elementary school, there was an entire shelf in our library (a ‘U’ shaped low series of shelves with a check out desk in the middle, all in the middle of a round of open classrooms) devoted to Cousteau’s series of books. They all had this famous face and hat on them, all in this brilliant color scheme. When I saw this photo, it struck something very familiar within me and I could instantly smell my old elementary school library.

Moment of Zen

An Inspiring…Bookshelf?


“And how are things in Vancouver?”

“A lot like Seattle, only metric.”

Recouperating, and revelling in my love for Wait wait…don’t tell me.